General Election 2017 Manifesto

Deliver a Globally Competitive Business Environment


For Welsh businesses to compete globally, they need a competitive environment here at home.

However, the myriad of upfront taxes and costs imposed in recent years – including the introduction of the Apprenticeship Levy, and the hikes to insurance premium tax amongst others – are all increasing the burden on firms before they even turn over a single pound.

Businesses continue to report recruitment difficulties and without access to a sufficient talent pool, companies are restricted in their growth ambitions A quality ‘pipeline’ of young people entering the labour market is essential.

Our priorities for the next UK government are:

  • No new upfront taxes on businesses for the duration of the next Parliament – a commitment to no new up-front business taxes or costs until the end of the next Parliament in 2022. Taxes on employment, premises, and overheads are sapping businesses investment and growth potential. Unchecked, they will act as a drag on their future productivity.
  • A pragmatic future immigration regime based on economic need – create a future UK immigration system that is responsive to economic needs and skills shortages at all levels, rather than setting an arbitrary migration target. An independent body, such as the Migration Advisory Committee, should undertake a comprehensive review of the UK’s skills needs and labour shortages to help inform any future immigration system.

Other manifesto sections:


Local Growth


International Trade



23 May 2017

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