Business Influence

We are a leading business campaigner who has been representing Welsh business interests for over 160 years. We want to support you and resolve the issues affecting your business and the wider business landscape by lobbying key decision makers in local and national government.

Following a consultation with members, we published the Campaign For Welsh Business 2015-2020 in 2015. This campaign sets out the areas in which our members want to see change and focus by the UK and Welsh Governments during the 2015-20 parliament and the fifth assembly:

  • Building the transport network for the future
  • Developing communication for the modern world
  • Improving the skills of the current and future workforce
  • Encouraging business ambition amongst Wales’ people
  • Helping today’s businesses thrive
  • Securing Wales’ Energy needs
  • Increasing how much Wales Exports to the rest of the world
  • Getting the Governance of Wales right

Through our affiliation with the British Chamber of Commerce our member interests are also represented in Westminster, Whitehall and in Brussels.

For further information contact: Elgan Morgan

Welsh Business Barometer:

The Quarterly Economic Survey (QES) is conducted by Chambers of Commerce across Britain, and is the largest and most representative independent business survey of its kind in the UK.

The QES is the first economic indicator of the quarter, published by the British Chambers of Commerce in advance of official figures and other private surveys, and consistently mirrors trends in official data

For this reason the survey is closely watched by policymakers such as the Treasury, the Bank of England, the Office of Budget Responsibility, the EU Commission and the International Monetary Fund.

Every quarter we conduct the survey, contributing to the UK economic survey and publishing the Welsh results in the Welsh Business Barometer. The Welsh Business Barometer is the only truly representative business survey which tracks how the Welsh economy is performing. View our latest results, or visit the resources section to view earlier results.

As part of our commitment to influencing Policymakers  to improve market conditions  for our members and south Wales businesses as a whole, the results of the survey are presented  to Assembly Members, Members of Parliament from Wales and Welsh MEPs, as well as senior councillors and officials in various tiers of Government.

Businesses do not have to be a member to participate in the survey –

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