Chwarae Teg Launches FairPlay Employer Benchmark

Chwarae Teg recently marked its 25th anniversary by launching a new service to support employers and organisations across the private, public and third sector to deliver gender equality in their business, giving them the benefits of a truly balanced work force.

The FairPlay Employer Benchmark supports employers to identify and tackle barriers in their organisations, giving them a clear path on the journey of gender equality and diversity. Organisations that subscribe to the service will be benchmarked in terms of gender equality in their sector and will qualify for one of four levels of FairPlay Employer award.

Chwarae Teg has been working over the past 25 years to inspire, lead and deliver gender equality and enable women to achieve and prosper across all sectors and at all levels of the economy in Wales. By working to close the gender gaps, we could add £150bn to UK GDP by 2025 which would mean an 8% growth in the Welsh economy.

Chwarae Teg Chief Executive, Cerys Furlong, explains:

“Chwarae Teg’s vision is for Wales to be a world leader in gender equality. We are launching the FairPlay Employer service to help businesses and organisations identify barriers and inequalities and equip them with the tools to tackle them so that they can enjoy the benefits of a truly balanced workforce.”

For further information on how to subscribe to the Chwarae Teg FairPlay Employer benchmark service click HERE or email to express your interest.

02 February 2018

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