Customer Customer Care and Complaints Policy

1.0      Introduction

Newport & Gwent Chamber of Commerce, Enterprise and Industry (NGCCEI), trading as South Wales Chamber of Commerce, is committed to ensuring that high standards of customer service are a feature of its business support and training activities.

Customers having contact with Newport & Gwent Chamber of Commerce, Enterprise and Industry should receive a consistent customer care service with attention to their needs.

Customers receiving any of our services of information, advice or training can expect NGCCEI staff to respond in an efficient manner. They can also expect NGCCEI staff to provide a professional service with a helpful and empathetic attitude.


2.0      Complaint Policy

Your comment is important to us and our standards for dealing with complaints will include the following:

  • To provide a fair complaints procedure which is clear and easy to use for anyone wishing to make a complaint
  • To understand your complaint in its entirety
  • We will treat your complaint properly, fairly and impartially
  • We promise that making a complaint will have no implications for your dealings with our organisation
  • Considering the tone of our response
  • We will acknowledge where things could have been done better and apologise for any proven mistake made by us and put it right where ever possible
  • We will change any processes necessary to avoid making future mistakes and tell the customer what will be done to evade the same thing happening again

NGCCEI delivers a range of business support, advice and services to a diverse range of Businesses across South Wales.  Customer Care in these services will be provided by the following types of process:


2.1       Enquirers

Enquirers can expect to have any service query dealt with promptly, with many completed during the initial contact with a member of staff. All enquiries will be responded to within 24 hours. All forms of written response will be dispatched to the client on the same day the enquiry is received. Enquirers can expect that NGCCEI will monitor how effectively it handles enquiries and seek to improve the service customer’s experience.


2.2       South Wales Chamber Members


2.3       Training Candidates

Customers wishing to attend NGCCEI courses can expect to have their booking processed the same day, and a confirmation to be issued. They can also expect to receive clear joining instructions and reminders in advance of a course. On attending a course trainees will be provided with clear instructions, hospitality and a comfortable training experience. They can expect that their feedback on courses will be collected and acted upon. All course materials will be provided in a clear and professional manner.


3.0      How to make a complaint

Where a customer wishes to make a formal complaint NGCCEI has a Complaints Process. All NGCCEI staff have been briefed on the Complaints Process and its operation.

A complaint is an expression of dissatisfaction from our customers/clients about our products or services.  NGCCEI aim to ensure that:

  • We carry out a full investigation into your complaint to come up with the resolution and highest level of satisfaction
  • We give the complaint our careful attention and care in a timely way
  • We provide a thorough timeline account of our actions and how we will progress the complaint to lead to the desired outcome
  • We make sure you are happy with how we have handled your complaint and welcoming feedback on how we have addressed the matter
  • Relationships are repaired

Equally, if we do not uphold your complaint, we will let you know why.

We expect our customers to allow us to follow our procedure and await further communication from us when we have approached the necessary step.

Taking into consideration our customers displeasure, NGCCEI encourages that should a customer feel able to discuss a complaint with a member of our staff which they’ve had recent/long term liaison with, you should do so.  Where you feel the member of staff is not resolving the issue effectively, you should ask for your complaint to be taken higher or adopt the formal procedure of submitting a complaint in writing.

Written complaints should be made to:

Heather Myers, Director
South Wales Chamber of Commerce
Orion Suite, Enterprise Way, Newport, NP20 2AQ



Liz Maher, Chair of the Board
South Wales Chamber of Commerce
Orion Suite, Enterprise Way, Newport, NP20 2AQ



4.0      How soon will we deal with your complaint

NGCCEI will acknowledge receipt of a complaint within five working days by sending an acknowledgement letter which is to tell you:

  • Who is dealing with your complaint
  • When we will contact you again

Once we have sent you an acknowledgement letter we will investigate your complaint fully and write to you with within 15 working days of receiving the written complaint our findings. If your complaint is particularly complex, we may need to spend longer investigating it. In these cases, we will keep you up to date on our progress.  E.g. 10 working days for majority of cases, 20 working days if the complaint needs more looking into and 40 working days for particular complex complaints.

Following the resolution of the complaint NGCCEI will send a ‘final resolution’ letter to provide straightforward explanations for outcomes and will review the processes and procedures to identify changes, staff training or communication that would improve the processes and customer service.


5.0      Confidentiality

Except in exceptional circumstances, NGCCEI will aim to ensure that complaints remain confidential. However, in some cases the circumstances giving rise to the complaint may make this impossible.  In these situations we will discuss this with each customer individually.


6.0      Staff Action

Staff receiving a concern raised by a customer, or a formal complaint should ensure that the concern or complaint is recorded as per the Customer Complaints Procedure. This Customer Care Policy lays down the expected level of service customers can expect.

NGCCEI will strive to continue to deliver effective and helpful services, those services will also be regularly reviewed in order to ensure continuous improvement.










31 August 2017

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