This morning (Tuesday 31 October) the Chamber of Commerce held a very constructive meeting with representatives from the Future Generations Commissioner.

Chamber of Commerce President, Liz Maher, and Policy & Public Affairs Manager, Elgan Morgan, met with three of the Commissioner’s team to discuss the work of the Commissioner and how business can engage.

Commenting after the meeting, Liz Maher said:

“The role of the Future Generations Commissioner is to promote the principle of sustainable development, including economic wellbeing, but many Chamber members are telling me that they are not aware of the Commissioner, what her role is and how the business community can engage with her work.

“I therefore arranged to meet members of the Commissioner’s team to get a better understanding on behalf of Chamber members.”

The role of the Future Generations Commissioner was created following the Assembly’s passing of the Wellbeing of Future Generations Act in 2015. This is a new, innovative approach to policy making, putting a legal requirement on all public bodies to consider what impact their decisions will have on future generations. The Commissioner’s role is to act as a guardian of those future generations by helping government at all levels to think about the long-term impact that their decisions will have.

Elgan Morgan commented:

“Because the focus of the the Wellbeing of Future Generations Act and the Commissioner’s work is on public bodies, the impact on businesses isn’t automatically obvious. However, when you consider that many Chamber members are telling us that they are finding it difficult to recruit staff with the right skills, and the national curriculum is set by government, schools teach it and our colleges and universities help people gain the higher skills that businesses need, you start to see the link between public bodies, businesses and representative bodies such as the Chamber with the economic wellbeing agenda across the whole of Wales.

“Our role as a Chamber of Commerce is to ensure there are strong communication links and engagement between all parties in progressing this social, economic and sustainable wellbeing agenda. We want to make sure that the Future Generations Commissioner and her team are aware of the challenges that the business community are facing today and the needs of businesses in the future, as well as the economic opportunities that present themselves by planning long-term to deliver benefits across the whole of Wales for all parts of society.”

31 October 2017

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