Successfully Planning for Infrastructure in Wales

With a brand new agenda, this year’s conference will provide you with the most up to date information on how to successfully plan and deliver new infrastructure in Wales, to ensure you are at the forefront of industry knowledge and are able to avoid delays to your projects. With the emergence of new policies including the National Development Framework (NDF) and the Planning Policy Wales Edition 10 (PPW10), this event will provide you with the latest updates on the impact that these policies will have on infrastructure planning, as well as address how to overcome the biggest barriers currently facing the planning of new infrastructure.

Highlights of attending:

  • Hear the latest update on the impact of the National Development Framework (NDF) on infrastructure planning and development, and explore the associated timelines for adopting the NDF
  • Take away practical key lessons learnt from common challenges and pitfalls developers face and apply these to your project
  • Explore the innovative solutions to addressing the current grid capacity constraints
  • Discover what options are available to financing your project and explore how to secure funds for your project without any delays
  • Consider how the barriers which face the delivery of new infrastructure can be overcome and how to ensure Wales is a market leader for innovative infrastructure

Visit our website for more information.

How to register: Call 0207 067 1597, email or register online and quote discount code 387SWC.


Date - 24/10/2019 @ 09:00



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