Swansea City Centre Conference 2019


2019 marks 50 years since Swansea was awarded city status – and this year sees the city going through an important renaissance. As major building works get underway, the face of our city is changing. But what about its heart and soul? What does the future hold for this green city on a blue sea? 

Swansea City Centre Conference will celebrate the businesses, organisations and individuals who are making things happen – a new wave of changemakers, investors and entrepreneurs who are ambitious for the future of the city and driving forward exciting projects, developments and initiative

Find out about exciting projects currently underway, hear from thought-leaders and decision-makers, and help shape the vision for a vibrant and successful city.  Whether you run a business, work in the city, or simply want to discover Swansea’s emerging future, we invite you to join us at this landmark event for our city centre. 

Find out more Here  – https://www.4theregion.org.uk/citycentre/


Date - 09/04/2019 @ 09:00


LC2 Swansea
Oystermouth Road

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