General Election 2017 Manifesto

Work with Business to Secure the Best Possible Deal with the EU?

Since the historic referendum result in June 2016, the South & Mid Wales Chambers of Commerce have been in deep consultation with our members, and the wider business community, to ensure that we are addressing the key business priorities for the UK government’s Brexit negotiations.

It is imperative that the government negotiates the best deal it can with the EU for businesses, mindful of the fact that Europe will remain a key market for UK firms. It is businesses that trade, not governments, and it will be the ability of businesses to respond to forthcoming changes and identify new opportunities that will shape our future relationship with both the EU and the rest of the world.

Our priorities for the next UK government are:

  • Ensure that firms have continued access to the talent they need – protect the status of EU nationals in the UK, regardless of any other aspect of the UK’s negotiations with the EU-27. The next government must also give businesses clarity on the regime for hiring workers throughout the entire Brexit process.
  • Work with businesses and Chambers of Commerce throughout the Brexit process, particularly to develop future customs procedures – develop future customs and origin rules in partnership with business to guarantee the UK’s position as a global distribution hub.
  • Avoid major disruption to business regulation – maintain short-term stability of the regulatory framework and equivalence of standards with the EU through mutual recognition, while allowing for future changes to best reflect the needs of UK businesses and promote a gradual reduction in the size and complexity of regulation.


Other manifesto sections:


Business Environment

Local Growth


International Trade

23 May 2017

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