General Election 2017 Manifesto

Revolutionise the UK’s Physical and Digital Infrastructure

Investment in infrastructure is critical to the success of businesses and local economies. An efficient transportation system has multiplier effects through the improvement of accessibility to investment, labour, markets and international trade. Successive governments to date have all too often under-invested in the UK’s transport network and stalled on major decisions.

Businesses rely on fast, reliable and efficient transport networks to move goods and people around the globe, as well as a future-proof digital infrastructure to sell, buy and conduct their day to day business.

Our priorities for the next UK government are:

  • Deliver promised investment in road and rail infrastructure – including HS2, rail electrification projects, and other already-announced projects of national significance.
  • Deliver the third runway at Heathrow and support growth at other UK airports – expand the UK’s international connectivity by ensuring that construction begins on a third runway at Heathrow, and the economic potential of regional airports throughout the UK, but particularly Cardiff Airport, is maximised to compete effectively on the world stage, encouraging inward investment, attracting tourists and increasing employment.
  • Ensure business in all parts of the UK have access to world-class digital infrastructure – focus on providing 100% of companies, especially those in rural areas and existing business parks, with super-fast broadband and mobile connectivity that are reliable. There must be strong backing for faster deployment of full fibre (fibre to the premises) solutions across the country, and the development and delivery of 5G technology to encourage firms to maximise opportunities for growth.
  • Develop a long-term energy security strategy – by maximising the output from our domestic sources of UK oil and gas, nuclear and renewable providers. The next government should incentivise energy efficiency measures, whilst keeping environment taxes and costs to a minimum to ensure our energy-intensive industries remain internationally competitive.


Other manifesto sections:


Business Environment

Local Growth

International Trade



23 May 2017

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