General Election 2017 Manifesto

Unlock the Potential of Local Business Communities 

For many businesses, success is intricately tied to the fortunes of the area, region or nation where they operate. The South & Mid Wales Chambers of Commerce want to see the next government unlock the potential of local business communities, deliver clarity on future devolution deals and maintain the place-based focus of the Industrial Strategy.

Our priorities for the next UK government are:


  • Ensure that ‘place’ remains at the heart of the Industrial Strategy – so that it continues to build on existing competitive advantages in our nations and regions. The Industrial Strategy must have both cross-government buy-in and the resources required to unlock the growth potential of local business communities across the UK, and not be an afterthought for the next government.


  • Develop a new, fair, post-Brexit funding system for the nations and regions of the UK – businesses do not want to see ‘cliff-edges’ in funding, but nor do they want a copy-and-paste approach to replacing the current system of EU development finance. The new system must have greater flexibility, greater transparency and simplicity in its operation. The next government must work closely with local and regional business communities on the design and implementation of any post-Brexit funding system for the nations and regions.


Other manifesto sections:


Business Environment


International Trade


23 May 2017

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