General Election 2017 Manifesto

Support UK Exporters to Drive Economic Growth


The UK faces a persistent current account deficit. The economy needs to be rebalanced towards exports to secure long term economic growth and reduce exposure to economic shocks. Exporters consistently tell us about the need for the UK government to provide the right conditions for exporters, including practical, face-to-face support; access to trade missions and trade fairs; and trade deals that deliver real, tangible benefits.


The South & Mid Wales Chambers of Commerce, along with Chambers of Commerce across the UK, have been supporting international trade for over a century, offering practical advice, export training, and documentation services to businesses. British Chambers of Commerce and business groups in countries around the world also offer a ‘landing point’ for exporters and importers.


Our priorities for the next UK government are:

  • Link British firms to customers and opportunities worldwide – put long-term, stable export support in place that leverages the global business-to-business network of accredited Chambers of Commerce. Commit to strong, stable face-to-face support to help more businesses export or expand into new markets.
  • Deliver frictionless future trade arrangements with the European Union – secure an EU trade deal on the best possible terms that minimises costs and trade barriers to firms already trading with European countries.
  • Ensure that businesses continue to benefit from existing Free Trade Agreements (FTAs) – work with governments in third countries and the EU-27 to grandfather existing EU FTAs, so that businesses can continue to trade on the beneficial terms they already have access to. These agreements should include a commitment to revisit the terms of the FTA as required in the future.
  • Deepen existing trading relationships and broker new agreements with emerging markets – work with Chambers of Commerce and businesses to identify priorities for trade with large established markets and high growth markets. The next government should prioritise trade liberalisation and the reduction of non-tariff barriers in all partner countries regardless of the prospects of a future UK FTA.


Other manifesto sections:


Business Environment

Local Growth



23 May 2017

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