Good Work for All Action Plan

Around a third of BITC members have reported taking company-wide action on low-paid work, with successful outcomes. Drawing on case studies from these leading companies and with support from the Joseph Rowntree Foundation, we are making the case for all employers to improve the quality of work for their lowest-paid staff.

Our Good Work for All action plan for businesses offers evidence and practical steps for change, illustrated with business case studies across three key areas: offering fair pay and benefits; reviewing the security and structure of roles; and ensuring all workers have access to the skills and development opportunities needed to progress.

With 1 in 8 UK workers now living in poverty there’s growing recognition of the plight of working families who are ‘just about managing’ – and of the repercussions for business in terms of recruitment, retention and productivity.

We believe this new action plan will support more businesses to take practical steps to improve working lives, with a positive effect on employee engagement, innovation and productivity.

Link: Good Work For All Action Plan

29 January 2018

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