Exciting times ahead, with the launch of a hive of activity to support the Heathrow Third Runway. There is enormous potential for Welsh SME’s to benefit from this. The Chamber has been working hard to secure two key benefits for Welsh Businesses

The Heathrow Regional Business Summit : Cardiff Wednesday 5 July 2017
6  Regional Business Summits are being held across the UK, to appeal to more small British firms and give an insight into Heathrow’s major suppliers to open the door of opportunity to win new contracts in the future.


  • The Heathrow Business Summits each provide a great platform for SMEs to get a foot in the door and capitalise on the business opportunities available at Heathrow.
  • Promote your business to Heathrow’s supply chain through face-to-face appointments on the day.
  • Meet and network with exhibitor partners including the Local Councils and Chambers of Commerce.
  • All exhibitors actively support and guide businesses on how to connect and build trade relations into new supply chains at Heathrow.

BOOK YOUR PLACE: The Business Summit is a one day event with 15minute face-to-face appointments between suppliers and buyers.  For further details or contact: Laura.Parsons@wales.gsi.gov.uk
Tel: 0300 0615 742

The Heathrow Logistics Hub EOI Bid

To support the regional supply chain to Heathrow it is proposed that 4 Logistics Hubs will be created in the UK. South Wales is ambitious to lead on one of the hubs. The expression of interest bid needs to be submitted by 31st July, and is being coordinated by the Head of Construction Sector at Welsh Government. We are keen to hear from any members who have experience of working in SME supply chains for bigger projects to enable us to support the South Wales EOI  Bid with practical examples of how to ensure the benefits of large investment trickle down to SME@s and not just the same Tier 1 contractors. If you would like to engage on this please email heather.myers@southwaleschamber.co.uk. The deadline for submission is 31st July so the sooner the better.

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The Heathrow Regional Business Summit

Heathrow Airport Consultation Period

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Heathrow Business Summit


Heathrow, the new T2A (main Terminal buidling) in construction, 19 December 2012.
Photo © LHR Airports Limited.
Heathrow, the new T2A development (main terminal building), 18 July 2012.
19 May 2017

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