Heathrow Update

Last week in Parliament, Heathrow expansion was backed in parliament with a 296 majority, demonstrating the confidence MPs have in the expansion project. Their decision is a huge vote of confidence in Britain, and sends a proud signal to the world that we are open for business as one of the best connected, great trading nations.

At no cost to the taxpayer, expansion will connect every corner of Britain to global trade and growth. It will create jobs and skills for future generations and will boost competition and choice for passengers.

Heathrow Airport is determined to make this a project for all of Britain – whether that be by constructing as much off-site as possible, ensuring that SMEs from across the country have access to supply chain opportunities, or enabling British exporters to reach new markets.

This is just the start of the journey, and they have many more milestones to reach before the expansion project is delivered and fully operational. Heathrow is committed to being open and honest partners, and will continue to engage the business community every step of the way.

Please find below a brief update on Heathrow Airport’s three flagship projects:

  • The World of Opportunity Export Grants Programme
  • Logistics Hubs
  • The Heathrow Business Summits.

Word of Opportunity Export Grants Programme:

Last month, Heathrow announced that applications opened for the second year of the World of Opportunity Export Grants Programme, in partnership with the Exporting is GREAT campaign.

The competition closes on the 14th of July – so this is your 10-day countdown to encourage members and colleagues to submit an application!

As the UK’s largest port by value for markets outside the EU, Heathrow wants to do all it can to help businesses export their goods and services to valuable growing world markets. As such, we are delighted to announce our World of Opportunity SME Grants Programme for 2018, in partnership with the Department for International Trade’s Exporting is GREAT campaign.

This Programme will provide 20 SME winners with a £2,000 grant to explore and develop export opportunities through funding access to trade missions or trade shows around the world. Applications can be made on the Programme webpage, please feel free to share the details – or re-tweet our announcement containing the details – with your local businesses.

The website and application form can be found here: www.heathrow.com/worldofopportunity.
















Logistics Hubs:

Having kicked off our national tour encompassing 65 site visits at the beginning of February, we now only have 8 remaining site visits and will be complete by the end of July. The next step in our expansion plans, Logistics Hubs are one of the mechanisms by which expansion will revolutionise the construction industry.

Heathrow will be the first major infrastructure project in the UK to pioneer the large-scale use of Logistics Hubs – aiming to build as much of the project off-site as possible. The Hubs will ensure that communities across the UK share in the opportunities of Heathrow expansion – boosting regional economies by creating jobs and supply chain opportunities for local businesses, and leaving a legacy of skills for future generations. The Hubs will also boost the project’s efficiency and cut emissions by transporting components to site in fewer lorries.

Following the completion of the site visits, we will launch a pre-qualification questionnaire in the autumn, which will in turn inform our shortlist. The shortlisted sites will then be invited to take part in a formal tender process, before the final four sites are selected. We will keep you informed of the process every step of the way.




















Business Summits:

Heathrow is committed to using its position as a national asset to benefit SMEs around the country – as committed to in Heathrow 2.0, Heathrow’s plan for Sustainable Growth. Our goal is to enable more and more UK SMEs to connect to new opportunities for growth locally, nationally and internationally. Through the Heathrow Business Summits, we are working to connect SMEs with each other, with the airport, and, through the airport, to the world.

The airport spends up to £1.5bn annually with more than 1,400 suppliers from around the UK and there will be more work on the horizon with expansion. Construction of the runway will be the UK’s largest privately-funded infrastructure project and small and medium-sized businesses will be critical to delivering the £14bn investment.

In 2018, Heathrow will host ten Heathrow Business Summits across the UK. These events provide a unique opportunity for SMEs to connect and trade face to face with other SMEs, Heathrow’s supply chain, and in partnership with the Department for International Trade, explore exporting opportunities.

We are now halfway through the programme, having visited Somerset, Colchester, Middlesbrough, Manchester and Belfast. Please find details of upcoming summits below and at Heathrow.com/businesssummit:

  • Cardiff, Wales, (11th July)
  • Glasgow, Scotland (10th September)
  • Doncaster, Yorkshire & Humber (11th October)
  • Birmingham, The Midlands (25th October)
  • Heathrow, London & South East (27th November)


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