International Trade Services

Why is the South Wales Chamber of Commerce so ideally positioned to offer you International Trade Services?

The South Wales Chamber of Commerce plays a key role in economic development and international trade, which we see as a vital and integral part of the local business community.

Working closely with our national and international Chamber counterparts, we are able to offer a comprehensive range of international trade advice, guidance, training and services, including:

  • Export Documentation – certification and legalisation
  • Export Procedures
  • eCert & aCert – electronic certification
  • Export Training
  • Blank Forms
  • Access to the West Wales Exporters Association

Best of all, you do not have to be a member of the South Wales Chamber in order to make the most of the International Trade Services we provide – they are readily available to all businesses across the UK at a reasonable cost. Our Chamber Members do, however, receive a significant discount on our rates.


View our 2019 calendar of Trade Training events here


Your Route to the International Trade Market

Chambers of Commerce have provided a range of business services and independent representational support to UK companies and organisations for over 200 years.

Almost every major town or city in the world has a Chamber of Commerce at the heart of its business community and it is strong trading links that tie these Chamber together on a global scale. The UK’s accredited and associated Chambers are part of an international network, existing to develop and strengthen international trade links and to improve the competitiveness of their member businesses. A belief in two-way trade means they are approachable to any business. What’s more, British Chambers overseas are bilateral organisations with membership open to any business, British or otherwise, interested in trading with the UK. Found around the world, but at their strongest in Europe, they invariably have strong links with British Embassies – their great strength being their ability to tap the knowledge and expertise of expatriate businesses.

The British Chambers of Commerce (BCC) is a member of Eurochambres, the European Association of National Chamber Associations. Eurochambres represents the interests of Chamber members across Europe to the European Commission and other institutions. It is also at the heart of the European network of Chambers and is continually developing more effective links to benefit Chamber members. The BCC and its member Chambers have good relationships with overseas Chambers and trade agencies. Years of taking trade missions abroad, receiving delegations, signing protocols, and organising trade fairs have resulted in Chambers of Commerce having a vast network of practical working relationships throughout the world. Your route into this is via an accredited Chamber such as the South Wales Chamber of Commerce.

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