Mark Drakeford set to become the new First Minister

Commenting on the election of Mark Drakeford AM as Welsh Labour Leader, Harri Lloyd-Davies, President of the South Wales Chamber of Commerce said:

“Congratulations to Mark Drakeford on his election as Welsh Labour Leader and our presumptive next First Minister. Unfortunately for him, with Brexit on the horizon and many other challenges facing Welsh businesses Mr Drakeford doesn’t have time to kick back and enjoy a honeymoon.


“Welsh firms will be looking to him to deliver desperately required transport infrastructure such as the M4 Relief Road, ensure that the whole education system focusses on developing a skilled and able workforce, providing Welsh SMEs with more opportunities to fairly bid for work from the Welsh Public Sector, and Enhancing the government’s support for growing Wales’ export base.


“We at the South Wales Chamber of Commerce look forward to working with Mark Drakeford to improve the trading environment for Welsh businesses.”


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