Member Story: Tom Greenfield

What does being a member of the South Wales Chamber of Commerce mean to your business?

I am here to connect with successful people to draw positive, long lasting relationships with other members. We have the power to help people on a personal level to better health. If you are struggling with pain, stiffness, headaches, cramps, digestive issues, sleep problems or any other health issues, if your medications are not working, or if you have had unsuccessful surgery, we have the answer for you. Ask me for advice!

What's your business name?

The Tuning Room

What's your job title?


Give us a brief overview of your company

The Tuning Room was formed in August 2016 by Dr Tom Greenfield DC (doctor of chiropractic). We work out of the prestigious Cardiff international pool in the international sports village Cardiff bay. We specialise in helping athletes maximise performance and reduce sports injuries in both young and old athletes, at any standard. However we do have a reputation in the sporting world for dealing with high level international and national level athletes. We have multiple current olympians, professional rugby players and world record holders under our care.

Our principal chiropractor Tom Greenfield is a British champion swimmer and has international experience which reflects in the experience and package of care given at The Tuning Room.

In addition, we run clinic hours for everyday problems such as back pain, neck pain, sleep problems, digestive issues and headaches. When the family member's of the athletes see their child undergoing care, more often than not they comment on the standard of care at The Tuning Room and book themselves in for an assessment to get their health in order.
We have an extremely friendly and approachable team, with our clinic manager Carol.

What’s new with you? Tell us about any recent expansion, new services, award wins, appointments etc

We have recently taken on a new chiropractor, Dr Mike Pride DC (doctor of chiropractic). He specialises in sports injuries, functional rehab and strength & conditioning. Dr Mike will be working alongside Dr Tom as he prepares for the commonwealth games in 2018.

How has being a member of the Chamber benefited you?

It has put me in contact with a wide range of people and allowed me a platform to connect with some fantastic people!

Why would you recommend the Chamber membership to other businesses?

Build your connections, and build your referrals by word of mouth!


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