Not another local government consultation? Says South Wales Chamber of Commerce

Following the statement by the Cabinet Secretary for Local Government and Public Services, Heather Myers, Director of the South Wales Chamber of Commerce said:


“When I heard this news I felt like quoting Brenda from Bristol’s reaction to last year’s General Election – “Oh no, not another one”.


“Local Government has a significant role to play in supporting businesses, providing the environment where businesses can thrive and boosting the economic well-being of communities across Wales. so getting any new structure right is important.


“However, a new consultation, after a consultation last year, which followed a consultation a few years previously, which followed an independent commission, which followed measures to try and avoid reorganising local government, each of which had their own consultations, is just looking busy while doing nothing.


“The Welsh Government should be focussing on delivering for businesses and delivering for the people of Wales, not asking the Cardiff Bay bubble the same questions over and over again.


“Businesses and the staff in local government who work so hard for the businesses in their area need and deserve some certainty about the future. At the moment all that I’m certain of is that we’re going to have another consultation in a couple of years.”


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