Severn Tolls to be Abolished by End of 2018

The UK government has announced that the tolls on the Severn bridges between Wales and England will be scrapped by the end of next year.  The fees paid on entry to Wales currently range from £6.70 to £20 a vehicle.

Commenting on this news, Liz Maher, President of the South Wales Chamber of Commerce said:

“This is great news for the business community right across South Wales.  Businesses whose staff need to travel to England, who move goods around the UK and whose customers travel across the Severn Bridge will all benefit from scrapping the tolls.

“The cost of travelling between South Wales and South West England has been an artificial barrier to trade from South Wales too long.  For example, our members in the tourism industry tell me that potential customers are put off coming to Wales due to having to pay tolls to cross the bridge.

“Scrapping the tolls will bring more traffic along the M4, especially around Newport.  While this is good news for our businesses, it does highlight the need for M4 Relief Road to be built.  The South Wales Chamber of Commerce will continue our campaign to see this happen.”


21 July 2017

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