South & Mid Wales Chamber welcomes Ugandan High Commissioner to Wales

This April saw us welcoming the Ugandan High Commissioner H.E Julius Peter Moto and his attaché Godfrey Kwoba to Wales. The round table event took place in the beautiful conference room of TB Davies. Among the guest present were James Gray of TB Davies, Philip & Thomas Davison-Sebry of Thermal Compaction Group, Tracey Boundford of Northmace, Jonathan Huish Chair of Trivallis, Fadhili Maghiya of Hub Cymru Africa, Roy Rodrigues & Heather Myers of the South Wales Chamber of Commerce.  

Hosted by Heather Myers, Director of South Wales Chamber, the round table event was  aimed at identifying sectors which could benefit both countries and build long term sustainable growth. Ugandan High Commissioner H.E Julius Peter Moto highlighted that Uganda has gone through extensive change over the last few years and the time is right for foreign investors and international partnerships. The High Commissioner gave the guests a presentation on why Uganda is the most excellent place trade from to take advantage of market growth in Africa. Being well positioned with established trade links to markets of over 500 million, Uganda offers  great potential for accessing the burgeoning African markets.

Uganda in currently looking at developing its manufacturing, hospitality, healthcare & infrastructure.
With low labor costs and tax incentives for foreign investors, Uganda offers both opportunity and growth potential to Welsh business.

Uganda being a land locked country means it has strong land links to countries like Kenya and Tanzania. Uganda also boasts of a diverse landscape encompasses the snow-capped Rwenzori Mountains and immense Lake Victoria. Remote Bwindi Impenetrable National Park is a renowned mountain gorilla sanctuary along with Murchison Falls National Park.This means that the potential for developing the tourism market it very strong.

The High Commissioner was very impressed with our own Brecon Beacons and wanted to replicate the same business model in Uganda to attract more visitors. He said that Uganda is looking to build it hospitality sector. He hopes to create more holiday lodges and game parks and would love to see Welsh business develop this sector.

He also spoke about Ugandan exports like Coffee, fruit, vegetables, iron ore & minerals.  Uganda’s is the top exporter of Coffee in Africa and 8thin the world.

Uganda has recently started oil extraction  and there is a need to develop this sector further. But at the same time the Ugandan Government is also investing in renewable energy. The High commissioner stressed that Welsh business have great opportunity to be major players in the energy harvesting and storage sector.

The growing business climate in Uganda had created a need to build more houses and infrastructure projects. This demand for construction and development was welcomed by our guests.

High Commissioner H.E Julius Peter Moto was very impressed by our members business and appreciated that they all could benefit by Uganda’s growth. He also welcomed all our chamber members to participate in the Manufactures Expo in October this year and would love to see more Trade missions to Uganda.

The South Wales Chamber will continue to build close links with Uganda and will be able to let you know of export opportunities and trade events happening in the coming months. We are able to offer you direct links to support services and exeptt advice within Uganda to support you in finding out more. In addition take advantage of our experatise via our Accrediated  training course or speak to one of our trade experts.

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