South Wales Chamber of Commerce comments on confirmed end date of Severn tolls

Commenting on the news that the Severn tolls are to be abolished earlier than expected, Heather Myers, Chief Executive of the South Wales Chamber of Commerce said:


“We are pleased to learn of the confirmed date for the abolition of the Severn tolls, and delighted that these archaic charges will be scrapped earlier than anticipated.


“For too long the tolls have represented a physical barrier to growth and development of businesses, particularly in South Wales.


“Our members will now be able operate in a climate where they are no longer faced with this barrier, providing endless opportunities for cross-border working. Businesses on both sides of the border will now be able to exploit new prospects, opening a new pool of talent and ideas for this already thriving region.


“Now that we have a confirmed date for the abolition of the tolls, we can look forward to the future, and how we make the most of this step-change in Wales’ global capabilities.


“This development does however highlight the desperate need for the M4 Relief Road, something that we have been campaigning for for many years. Our main artery in and out of South Wales can no longer cope with the amount of traffic it receives, and it certainly won’t be able to cope with the increase in traffic that the scrapping of the tolls is sure to bring. Our message is clear: we need the relief road and we need it quickly.


“Today’s announcement is a positive step for Wales, but we still have a long way to go. If we win our fight for the M4 Relief Road, the possibilities are endless, and I look forward seeing how things progress as we enter 2019.


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