South Wales Chamber of Commerce Opens Heathrow Summit

Chief Executive of the South and Mid Wales Chamber of Commerce, Heather Myers, has again opened the annual Heathrow Summit in Wales at an event held on 4th July in Cardiff.

Heathrow is hosting a series of Business Summits across the UK. The events aim to provide an opportunity for SMEs to connect with other SMEs, Heathrow’s supply chain, and the airport itself.

Speaking about the event, Heather said: “The South and Mid Wales Chamber of Commerce has been heavily involved in working with Heathrow, the Welsh Government and the Wales Office to connect Welsh businesses to wider opportunities, both within and beyond Wales.

“Wales has for too long been underrepresented in terms of national infrastructure projects. We need that to change, and that’s why events like this are vital in helping Welsh businesses become part of these lucrative supply chains.

“The great turnout at the event in Cardiff highlighted not only the commitment of Heathrow to engage with businesses, but the appetite of businesses to maximise the opportunities available to them, and I was delighted to again open this fantastic event.”

During the event SMEs had the opportunity to meet with some of Heathrow’s top suppliers with active procurement opportunities.

The summits are continuing throughout the UK this year. More details can be found at:



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