SWCC accompanies businesses to Dublin for Post-Brexit talks

Our Director, Heather Myers, working with the British Irish Chamber of Commerce, was delighted to accompany a number of businesses to Dublin. Many of them were chamber members hoping to gain a better understanding as to how Ireland could offer options and opportunities for trading into the EU, post Brexit.  The intensive day demonstrated how both the legal and financial systems are very similar, which should present a relatively straightforward prospect for businesses aiming to trade in Ireland. The Irish Government was also keen to stress how much they value the trading routes into Wales, the support they could offer, and the opportunities that closer working presents for the economies of both nations.


In speaking about the visit Heather said: “We hear a lot about Brexit in the press, but most of it is about how politicians are trying to work through the issues. However, business understands business, and rather than waiting to see what deals may or may not be struck, the business community can take some positive steps to manage this uncertainty now. This trip was an excellent example of what our business community can do by simply getting on with looking at practical ways that we can grow jobs, find new markets and trade. Working as part of the UK Chamber Network means we are able to connect these opportunities like no other business organisation. This demonstrates the power of business working to support business, and how the Chambers of Commerce can facilitate this.”


Heather also wanted to demonstrate how being a member of the Chamber opens up opportunities and new ways of thinking about how we do business in Wales. Heather said: “The opportunity to be part of the Chamber is open to businesses of all sizes and sectors. We constantly work to seek new ideas, new opportunities and reduce the risks faced by businesses trading in these uncertain times. As this Irish trip demonstrates, we don’t wait for things to happen, we make things happen for businesses in Wales. Whether you are a small niche business or an internationally trading global company, the Chamber network is versatile and robust to enable us to support a huge variety of business needs.”


From as little as £229 (+VAT) the membership package includes benefits worth around £2,700 and savings of £6,000 on services that your business is probably already buying in.  That’s on top of being connected to 53 UK British Chambers and 40 Overseas British Chambers, and having a chance to be part of one of the most well respected independent voices representing your business interests in Wales and the UK.


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