Tidal Lagoon £1.3bn Plans Backed – Liz Maher Reaction

Plans for a £1.3bn tidal lagoon in Swansea Bay have been backed by a government-commissioned review.   Charles Hendry’s independent report into the technology’s viability said it would make a “strong contribution” to the UK’s energy supply.

He said it was cost effective and would bring “significant economic opportunity”.

The UK government still needs to agree on a deal and a marine licence would also need to be approved.  Mr Hendry said moving ahead with a pathfinder lagoon off the Swansea coast should be seen as a “no regrets” policy.

Source: BBC News

Commenting on the publication of the Hendry Review Liz Maher, President of the South Wales Chamber of Commerce said:


Liz Mayer


“We are delighted that the Hendry Review is backing the tidal lagoon proposed for Swansea Bay.

“The Swansea Bay Tidal Lagoon has the potential to significantly impact the economy of South Wales and the Chamber of Commerce is wholeheartedly behind the project.

“We anticipate construction jobs being created while building the lagoon, manufacturing jobs around the turbines and research and development opportunities for Welsh universities. One of the most exciting parts of the project is that skills will be developed in Wales that will help the industry grow beyond this first lagoon, keeping Wales at the heart of green technology development for decades to come.

“The supply chain opportunities for Welsh businesses provided by this new industry are substantial and the Chamber of Commerce, with our experience of connecting businesses and supporting international trade, is well placed to ensure this project is a success for the whole of Wales.”


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