My Time at the South Wales Chamber of Commerce – Callum

My first four weeks at the South Wales Chamber have been very engaging and exciting. I have developed my research skills and I have been to a variety of events. I have also expanded my knowledge of the local Councils, Businesses, and the Welsh Government.


I have completed a wide range of tasks ranging from researching issues to creating surveys to generating innovative ideas. I have been keeping up to date with political news and much of my work has stemmed from recent developments.


As well as working in the Chamber, I have been able to attend events which further my knowledge of developments and issues. These events also grant me a real-world view of political and business discussions, allowing me to understand the stages and processes of the decision-making process.


I look forward to continuing the development of my research skills, political knowledge and understanding. I will make the most of the great opportunity the Chamber has granted me and continue to contribute wherever possible.

13 February 2018

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