Top tips for entering the Welsh Business Awards 2018

Although writing an award-entry can be time-consuming, being shortlisted or winning an award can maximise the visibility of your brand, increase your credibility, as well as set you apart from your competitors.


With over 150 entries each year, it can be difficult to get you entry noticed. Paul Davies, one of this year’s Welsh Business Awards judges, outlines some simple steps to make sure your entry is as effective as can be.


No fluff

Appreciate the word limit and do not go over it. Determine which points you want to get across and stick to them. It’s better to focus on a few accomplishments that make you stand out, in detail, than to give a brief overview of all your achievements.


Keep it simple

Our judges have different backgrounds. So, whoever is reading your entry, may not have the same advanced knowledge of your industry. Refrain from any jargon and use plain English to make your entry easy to understand. Don’t assume the reader knows your business, so remember to set the scene clearly.

Similarly – get to the point and make every word count. Put your strongest arguments at the start and keep them concise.


Stand out and show you’re proud

We’re always taught not to boast, but when it comes to writing award-entries, you can blow your own trumpet. By entering one of the categories you certainly believe your business would be a worthy winner. Write in a lively manner, use an active voice and show that you’re proud of your achievements and your team – it will go a long way.


Back it up

Support all claims with evidence. Whether these are links to online news stories or statistics, it’s vital that each statement is backed up. An empty statement that is not supported can be considered a false claim and might not receive the recognition it deserves.

You’re allowed to use images, statistics and endorsements in your award-entry, so use them as evidence to support your answers.


Read the judging criteria carefully

This may seem like an obvious one, but you’d be surprised to see how many intriguing businesses miss out on an award because they do not answer all aspects of the question. An easy way to prevent this, is to clearly state what aspect of the question you’re addressing within your answer.

Once you have written the entry, go back and re-read the criteria. Show your colleagues and ask yourselves whether all questions have been answered. After all, two pairs of eyes are better than one.


Avoid copy and paste

As you can enter for multiple categories, it is important to keep answers authentic. Avoid copy and paste and instead, ask yourself, how does my service or product fit in this category.

Acknowledge that the judging criteria will vary between each category – so what may have been an outstanding answer for a question in one category, can be irrelevant in another.



To read the full judging criteria of the Welsh Business Awards, visit:


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