Trade: Electronic Certification

eCert and aCert Certificates

The eCert and aCert facility is a way of applying for EC and Arab Certificates of Origin electronically. It is faster, more secure and more effective. The introduction of eCert and aCert Certificates now means that UK exporters can apply online for Certificates of Origin. Using passwords exporters can log on to the webaddress advised to you by the Chamber, and complete your application on-line. Within minutes your Certificate can be processed, stamped and signed and made ready for collection or posted that same evening. eCert Express is an additional facility that enables us to process, stamp and sign the Certificate on-line and return it to you via email.

For more information visit

To register for eCert and aCert, contact:

Jennifer Hurley 
T: 01633 242723

Martine Richards  
T: 01633 242747

Lesley Lewis 
T: 01633 242457 


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