Trade: Documentation and Certification

The South Wales Chamber of Commerce provides the only Export Documentation Service in South Wales.

The service enables companies to trade more efficiently and effectively by providing a comprehensive documentation and advice service for exports world-wide. We simplify procedures and paperwork and offer advice on all aspects of international trade. We are also an agent of the Arab British Chamber of Commerce, enabling us to deal with the certification and legislation of all commercial Arab documentation.

Why do we need them?

Export documentation is a vital part of shipping goods to overseas markets. There are a number of reasons why we need it, for example: as proof of origin to claim preferential duty rates, to gain payment or to clear goods through customs. Also, these documents are often required:

  • To meet customs requirements in the Importing State
  • To meet “Quota” requirements imposed by the Importing Country
  • To comply with banking requirements
  • For other official and commercial reasons.

Documents we provide, or otherwise Certify, include:

  • Movement Certificates: ATRs & EUR1s
  • International Import Certificates
  • EU Certificates of Origin
  • Arab-British Certificates of Origin
  • Admission Temporaire (ATA) Carnets – passports for goods that are not for sale but accompany business trips overseas Import Certificates.

If your business is looking to expand into International markets, or if you would like to find out more about our International Trade Services and our export documentation and certification services, please contact Jennifer Hurley on 01633 242723 or email:

Formal Undertaking Pack & Export Documentation Price List 2017


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