Vodafone Breakfast 9 February 2017

South Wales Chamber of Commerce were delighted to host this event on behalf of Vodafone.  Early on a Thursday morning, at the Vale Resort, a roomful of people were treated to not only tea & coffee but a delicious cooked breakfast. After this, we were provided with a presentation by Vodafone’s Peter Terry-Brown, who was delighted to be in his home country of Wales.

The presentation was fascinating and thought provoking.   Technology will change lives completely in as little as five years.  From automatically ordering food you have used from your fridge to being able to use an app to find a free parking space, the technology that is being tested now can do this.

It is in the workplace though that businesses will need to adapt and develop to not only the new technology but also to a generation of future workers who have used technology all their lives.

The presentation and the subsequent discussion in the room certainly was helpful and thought provoking.  The feedback so far through forms provided on the day has been very positive.

This event was FREE to attend so you know with the Chamber you are #wellconnected.

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See more about the breakfast in this short film



10 February 2017

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