Wales hosts second Heathrow business summit

Commenting on the Heathrow Business Summit which took place in Cardiff on Wednesday 11thJuly, Heather Myers, CEO of South and Mid Wales Chambers of Commerce, said:


“Wales is a nation of individuals who are innovative and entrepreneurial, with SMEs forming the backbone of our economy – and yet, our supply chain only represents 0.2 per cent of the UK total.


“To address this paradox, the South Wales Chamber of Commerce has been working closely with Welsh Government, The Wales Office, Heathrow Airport and businesses across Wales. Pooling our expertise, we promote and explain the many supply chain opportunities existing not only in Wales, but also in the UK and overseas.


“Wales has been under-represented in several national infrastructure projects, such as Hinkley Point and we want that to change. We need that to change.


“The Heathrow Business Summit is a crucial part in helping Welsh businesses get their voices heard and join supply chains. It gives them an opportunity to engage and connect with other businesses, and learn about the prospects for growth.


“There is a willingness to support business growth in Wales, but we also need to think bigger and promote our businesses wider into domestic and overseas markets. Projects like Heathrow can help Wales reach this untapped potential.”


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