Why entering the Welsh Business Awards can boost your business

Effective Communication’s digital director, Rhys Gregory, shares his views on the Welsh Business Awards and explains how your business can benefit from entering the awards.


Market yourself– for free!

Entering the Welsh Business Awards is a great way to market your business – for free! PR is no longer limited to print. If you are shortlisted, your company’s name will appear on the South Wales Chamber of Commerce awards website, social media profiles and other PR channels, making your name visible to many other businesses and the public.


Boost employees’ morale

Entering the awards demonstrates that their hard work has been meaningful. It gives the team the recognition they deserve, whether you win or not. Of course, winning would be brilliant, but even being shortlisted is a great achievement that demonstrates you value your employees and that their efforts pay off. It will make your employees strive for the best, hoping to continuously improve.


Increase credibility and reputation

Entering the awards strengthens your organisation’s reputation among existing customers and stakeholders. You don’t even need to win. Just the fact that you have been shortlisted, is something to boast about and will increase your credibility as a business. Be proud of yourself and share the great news on your social media channels, your website, future press releases…be proud of what you’ve achieved and let others know you’re a recognised and credible business.


Attract future employees

The awards don’t just reward existing staff, they are also a great opportunity to attract new talent to strengthen your team even further. An award entry gets your business heard and makes you stand out as an employer of choice.


Become a recognised name in the media

The exposure that you receive from being shortlisted for the Welsh Business Awards will put you in good stead for future PR opportunities with the media. They will have heard of you, know what you’re about, and have the added knowledge of your award win.


Time well-spent

Although writing an award-entry can take a lot of time, you’ll gain a lot from it.

Don’t believe us? Just compare the time you spent writing the entry and then compare it to the benefits you reaped, before even winning: a raised company profile, a wider reach, benefits that are far greater than any type of marketing activity. Suddenly it seems like writing those award entries is a time well-spent.

If you are lucky enough to win at the regional level, you can opt to include your business in the national British Chamber of Commerce awards too!



Remember, the Welsh Business Awards are open to all and free to enter. So, what do you have to lose?

If you’re considering entering South Wales Chamber of Commerce Welsh Business Awards, you better hurry, as entries close on Friday 7 December 2018. Don’t wait any longer and enter online here.


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